Thursday, February 3, 2011

Girly Failure

I realized a few weeks ago that I'm getting married in May, and that the photographer will be taking pictures. I should probably attempt to look less unpolished. I had a pedicure a few months ago, which was lovely, so I thought I'd try for a manicure.

I don't usually polish my nails: I was never very good at it; it doesn't occur to me much anyway; mostly it's just too much effort. But on Sunday I gamely went to The Spa Club and got myself a French tip manicure. The woman did a nice job and said they could remain all pretty for up to two weeks, but within 24 hours my nails were starting to peel, and things have slowly gone downhill. (This particular spa didn't use acrylic nails; they use nail polish.) Clearly this wouldn't do if I wanted to have my nails done a few days before the wedding; by that method I'd have to get them done the day of the wedding, which just won't be feasible.

Yesterday we were at Wal-Mart, and as I passed the cosmetics section, I took a gander at some nail polish and fake nails. After some internal debate, I bought a light pink nail polish and some short French-tip nails. Unfortunately, I neglected to purchase some nail polish remover, which would be mistake number one.

Once we got home, I discovered happily that most of the fake nails would fit nicely (nothing seemed to fit my thumbs). Then I realized that having forgotten to purchase nail polish remover would screw me over; if I were to glue on the fake nails, one would still be able to see the white line of the previous nail polish through the fake nails.

This did not stop me from gluing on one of the nails anyway. And I have to admit I rather like it. There is visible white line thanks to the previous nail polish, but aside from that, it looks pretty nice. There's a weird pressure on my nails that I'm not used to, and I'll have to be gentler when I wash my hair.
I also learned that there's specific fake nail remover needed; I did not know I'd need this before I attached the singular fake nail, so for the time being I have a fake nail only on my left ring finger and chipped nail polish on the other nine fingers.

I wonder if I would have been better at this had I been allowed to play with Barbies when I was a kid.

[EDIT] Within five minutes of posting this, my fake nail got ripped off. I'm not entirely sure how.

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