Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wedding Spam

It's amazing the amount of bridal spam I've received after having gone to that one bridal show many months back. I don't get related e-mail from wedding vendors every day, but certainly several times a week. Obviously I needed to give the bridal show folks an e-mail address for registration purposes, and it would certainly make sense for these local vendors to be e-mailing me offering their services for our wedding. We went to the bridal show more to see what was out there; at the time we'd already booked most of our vendors, and those we hadn't wouldn't have been able to be found, since the bridal show was local to Salt Lake City and we're getting married in Pennsylvania. If we hadn't already booked so many of our vendors, it would have been interesting to compare packages in terms of price and service; although I'm not sure how much one can accurately compare similar services by vendors who are geographically far apart, services in the Salt Lake City area are more comparably priced to those found in the Lehigh Valley than, say, New York City.

As a side note, what was helpful to see at the bridal show was the ability to see some gowns: I had no idea what was out there or what I wanted, so I could at least look at gowns and decide what facets I liked or disliked; similarly, because we could look at a multitude of invitation styles we could begin to pinpoint what we liked and didn't like.

Last week, while meeting with cake ladies, we were told of a Lehigh Valley-specific contest held by Elegant Lehigh Valley Weddings and Special Events, that was held on the first of every month; one didn't need to enter multiple times, but would be automatically entered until one's wedding; the prize would be $200 towards any vendor listed in ELVWSE. Ed signed us up, which means I get more spam. (I shouldn't be surprised that it's the bride that gets all the spam, but I do wish the groom would get equally spammed - although I don't get that many e-mails, so I don't mind it.)

Obviously the e-mails we get are sent out to everyone; the vendors don't know who has already booked what. Occasionally we get e-mails asking where we'll be living after the wedding, and how we, as the Newly Married (tm), can get a great deal on a new apartment or even a house! I don't know who would have the money to buy a house so soon after getting married; thankfully Ed bought the house several years ago, so we're set there; that's a big thing to have to worry about, where you'll be living, especially if you both have tiny one-bedroom apartments.

My favorite piece of spam, though, came addressed to someone else. It was definitely wedding spam, but whatever software was being used integrated the wrong name. I e-mailed the sender to tell him of the issue; he e-mailed back to apologize and explain the situation, after which I got the same initial e-mail, this time with the correct name. At least the problem was (temporarily) fixed.

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