Sunday, January 2, 2011

Wedding Miscellany

Miscellaneous things that are on my mind about the wedding, which is, like, this year. (Aieee.) 

Place card holders: There are a lot of options out there. Shiny, silvery things that have bells and let you put pictures or flowers in them and are cutesy and are completely useless once you give them to your guests, who will immediately throw them out. (Except for maybe the topiary place card holder, but that might be difficult for those flying in to transport.) We found these mini apple candles that can serve as place card holders, which will smell nice, and which can then be taken home and actually used. If we put our guests' names in a mini-Eiffel tower, I'm not sure they'd save the mini-Eiffel tower, whereas hopefully they can enjoy the candle once they get home. (Weddings are expensive, and I have no qualms about paying a bit more for food or a better DJ. But we're not French or having a themed wedding, and I have a hard time justifying paying a few hundred dollars (which ultimately isn't a lot, but it's still money I'd rather use for something else; does that make me cheap?) for something that serves such a singular purpose.)

Wedding favors: Adagio has tea wedding favors that we had been considering; however, I don't quite trust them after the shipping debacle from a few months back. I did discover that Upton Tea has several types of strawberry tea, though. The packaging wouldn't be as fancy, but labels could still be personalized and we could have different types of strawberry tea, which makes me happy. (And it's about as close to a theme as I'm likely to get within the confines of this wedding.)

Hair: I'm hopeless with my hair. I wash it, dry it, put it in a ponytail, and call it good. I did find a stylist - strangely enough, in the tiny little town I grew up in - who offers the option of coming to your location. One can also schedule a trial appointment, which I schedule if we're in the Lehigh Valley beforehand. The feedback I had on FaceBook was all over the place: A few women had stylists come to them (or knew brides who had the stylist come to them); one went to a beauty school; one had a bridesmaid help; another did her hair herself. At this point, the more I think about it, the more I'd just prefer someone professional just come to wherever it is I'll be.

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