Friday, December 31, 2010


I did take some pictures during Christmas this year, although not many.

The day after Christmas, Ed, his uncle Tom, and I went to Longwood Gardens. I haven't been to the Gardens in a long time, and I've never seen their Christmas gardens. It was pretty spectacular. (The full set is here.)

Yesterday, Mom and I went for a quick walk around Bethlehem; I wanted to buy some beesewax candles at the Moravian Book Shop. (Main Street has several shops that I make a point of visiting whenever I'm in town. Downtown Bethlehem is really lovely during the Christmas season; they decorate beautifully. And on a side note, Ed and I are having our wedding reception at the Hotel Bethlehem, which is this lovely old building surrounded by all this.)

On our way to and from our parking spot, we passed by Central Moravian Church, which every Christmas has a Christmas Putz (from the German putzen, meaning "to decorate"), which is a retelling of Jesus' birth by means of narration and music. It changes at least slightly every year, and I was a bit sorry I didn't have time to see it this year.

When I walked by the sign, I immediately thought of Pinky and the Brain, and giggled to myself. My mother, who knows me well, looked at me and said, "You're giggling because you're thinking of a putz having her own entrance, aren't you." 

Of course, she was right.

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