Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Wedding Nightmare

I had a doozy of a bad dream about our wedding last night: 

  • We went to pick up my gown, and when I was about to walk in, there was a woman in her wedding gown and getting photographed. I thought she had brought someone along to take pictures when I realized she had gotten married at that location. (I also remember that hers was a Jewish wedding, but I don't remember why I knew that, except I must have heard some Hebrew or seen the scroll at some point.)
  • I had The Freakout and couldn't walk down the aisle, so I had someone else (I don't know who) stand in for me for the entire ceremony.
  • We neglected to give our photographer a shot list, so I had to track down other folks to take the pictures I wanted (because our photographer hadn't arrived late and missed the wedding ceremony itself, so there would be no pictures taken at the church otherwise).
  • At some point during the ceremony I wasn't attending, my grandmother (who has been dead since 2006) had some kind of old-person-creating-a-ruckus moment, which was additionally disturbing because in both real life and my dream, this particular grandmother had a graduate degree, taught for 10 years, traveled somewhat extensively, and was mentally and physically active, so now the family had to worry about what to do with a going-mentally-downwards grandma.
  • The horse and carriage we'd hired showed up late, but we couldn't use it because things were quickly going to hell and I didn't know if and when we would be proceeding to the reception, so a few guests used it to jaunt around town (this was the least of my worries).
  • My matron of honor took her daughter (the will-be-about-two-and-a-half-year-old flower girl) back to Long Island because she (the flower girl) was having a meltdown.
  • My parents were literally following my every move; I would pace around looking for something, and there they would also be, about three steps behind. I remember being agitated and wanted enough space to be pacing around without them.
  • My cousin Bronwyn, who's a bridesmaid in our wedding and a violinist to boot (she's studying at Berklee), has agreed to play during the ceremony, but in my dream we never hashed out the details so she wound up not playing. Probably wouldn't have mattered because apparently I didn't go go my own freaking wedding anyway.

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  1. Not surprising to have such dreams. As a teacher, I have teaching nightmares every summer before school starts - where you're supposed to be teaching something and the class is wildly out of control and you cannot get control of it....etc.