Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Day!

Except it wasn't really a snow day. We did get snow - in fact, a blizzard warning was in effect yesterday - but aside from after school activities being cancelled yesterday, school was still being held today.

Damn plowing. I hate it when things are all organized and whoever does the plowing does their job well. Give me my snow day!

I wasn't feeling all that well when I got up this morning; the past two nights I didn't get too much sleep owing to an upset stomach, so despite some massive feelings of guilt (Who believes the newbie who takes an alleged sick day the day before a holiday?), I took the day off. I'm rather glad I did, although I was feeling much better by early afternoon. At least I put myself to work: We ran errands (post office, library, UPS, Walmart), and I baked a pie and some cookies, and set the turkey up for brining overnight. Had some dinner and watched an episode of Heroes and Cadfael ("The Raven in the Foregate").

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