Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Revamping the Menu

Today has been day two of Operation Let's-Try-To-Marginally-Cut-The-Crap-From-Our-Diets. So far, so good. The meals have been easy to prepare, they've been pretty tasty, and honestly, it's kinda a relief to not have to plan every single aspect of every single meal, especially in terms of making sure one has all the necessary accompaniments.

It's been pretty easy swapping out meals and/or aspects of meals, too. For example, the original plan for tonight's dinner was herbed salmon with citrus sauce (okay, so I might have gone out of order in terms of which meal was assigned for which day of the week, but we'd bought some salmon yesterday and I wanted to use while it was still fresh), a sweet potato, and two cups of salad; instead, I made baked salmon with lemon spinach sauce, steamed us each 1-2 cups of broccoli, baked a small red potato, and included a smallish whole wheat roll. For dessert, we had half a pear and a banana each, then some tortilla chips and salsa (probably too much; didn't measure portions; oh well). 

The menu includes a lot of food; each day's menu includes three snacks. I foresee the morning's snack getting combined with lunch or a later snack, otherwise we'd be eating breakfast at 10 a.m., snack at 1 p.m., lunch at 4 p.m., etc. The nurse educator recommended eating something every three to four hours, and I can see why; we'll avoid bingeing and have more fruits and veggies, and we'll still get treats like a few graham crackers or cinnamon raisin toast. (I think we bought every type of whole wheat bread-type food possible.)

These menus really are a relief: It's a shame there's no chocolate (erm), but I get an occasional sweet thing like graham crackers, the food serving suggestions are portioned well, and I don't feel like I'm being starved.

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