Monday, November 1, 2010

Problem with the Post Office

I've been having a lot of problems with the post office lately. I've never had any problems before I moved to Utah; suddenly, within the two months I've been here, I've had a multitude of problems.
  1. In early September, I shipped four boxes of books via Media Mail. Three of those boxes showed up a day ahead of the shipping estimate; the fourth box disappeared into the ether. We hadn't added the delivery confirmation or tracking options so we had no way to follow up with the Post Office once it became clear that the rest of my books wouldn't appear (including my rather expensive copy of The Riverside Chaucer). A few weeks later I got a letter from USPS, stating they believed a shipment I'd made had been lost, and asking me to list the items in said package. Ed had packed the books, and we hadn't made a list of which books went in which box, so aside from The Riverside Chaucer, I have no idea what else is missing. The fourth box is books remains unaccounted for.
  2. Ed and I were considering getting some personalized tea favors for our wedding; Adagio, a tea company from whom I've ordered quite a bit of tea in the past and have historically had good experience, offers said wedding tea favors, so I ordered a few samples. A few days after my initial order, I placed a second order of wedding tea samples because I had wanted to try the tea bag version. Four and five weeks later, I still had no tea, nor was there any tracking information beyond "Electronic Shipping Info Received." I was in touch with Adagio; I was in touch with USPS. Adagio said they would mail me replacements a few days ago, that there would be updated tracking information by the end of the following day. (There wasn't.) USPS said they could prove that the shipping labels had been printed, but could not prove that the tea had been delivered to the local post office. I e-mailed Adagio requesting a replacement order for the missing order I placed more than five weeks ago, as well as the order I placed more than a week ago. Via Twitter, Adagio had promised to get out replacements orders via UPS today, and to e-mail me tracking information, which I have not yet received.
  3. Today I received three of the six non-wedding tea samples I had ordered last week. They showed up looking like this:


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