Thursday, November 4, 2010

More Job Hunting

I'm technically holding down two teaching jobs, but I'm not actually teaching this semester. It's not as much fun as you'd think, mostly because I don't get a paycheck. This puts a damper on things.

I told LCCC that I was only available to teach online classes this semester; I suspect I'm going to have to officially resign; I don't know if they'd accept my moving to Utah and still want to teach online classes. And truth be told, as interesting an experience as it was, I prefer teaching in the classroom. (I prefer and love the personal interactions I get with my students; it's missing from teaching online, which is at least as convenient and flexible, if not more so.)

I got hired as a substitute teacher for Jordan School District, but have yet to actually do any subbing. I was offered one job that didn't work out, but haven't seen any other job offers. I check periodically throughout the day; I've turned on the option that allows the district to call me; I check before I go to bed, but how late do I stay up looking for gigs? I could stay up until two or three in the morning checking their online system, but at some point one has to draw the line. I don't really want to stay up all night and then attempt to deal with teenagers on no sleep. (I've done that. It's...not fun.)

So I check the job boards, and Craigslist. A few nights ago I applied for a part-time, three day a week, office job that seemed ideal. I got an e-mail the next morning describing the expectations, and pointing me to a link to complete an online application, which I proceeded to fill out.

Until I was told that a credit check would be needed at the interview, which meant I had to get my credit score before the interview. Fortunately, so I was told, this still unnamed company had an agreement with a company such that a free credit report would be provided. I was forwarded to another website, and stopped when I was asked for my credit card information. I have no idea why my credit card information would be requested for a free credit report.

I decided I didn't want that job badly enough.

Red flags: I don't know the name of the company that was hiring. I don't know which company was offering free credit reports. I don't know why they needed my credit card for a free service.

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