Monday, November 15, 2010

Long Term Subbing: The Intro

I went in to South Hills Middle School today to meet the students I'll be teaching, as well as their teacher, Mrs. T., who introduced me and told the students to behave while she'll be gone. There aren't multiple floors, but there are various and sundry wings such that I couldn't get a good idea of just how large the school is, but my impression was that it was on the bigger side. I briefly met the other 9th Grade ELA teacher, who told me that both she and the teacher I'll be replacing teach seven sections, although one of those sections is more like homeroom. I'll be teaching six classes of 9th Grade ELA, have a homeroom, and a prep that is sandwiched located between two lunches (Hah! Get it?).

I liked the kids; I appreciate the smart-ass behavior of that age. And the teacher clearly likes the kids also. Mrs. T. been very organized and planned out lessons for her time away from school. I'll be taking over the grading, and since I'll be there for at least a full marking term, a computer will be made available to me so I can submit grades. Essentially, I'll be taking over every aspect of Mrs. T.'s classroom and classes, although all the supplies have already been pretty much made available to me.

Thank goodness I've already taught before, otherwise this whole gig would seem overwhelming.

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