Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day 2010

When I was visiting Utah over the summer and it looked like I would be moving here in September, I registered to vote. Ed had told me that years ago, when he moved to Utah and was still flying the line, he'd chosen the absentee ballot option. (When you're not sure in advance if you'll be home for election day, it makes sense.) I chose the same option, and a few weeks ago we both got our ballots. It was a rather cool thing, to be able to permanently vote via absentee ballot. (I've voted via absentee ballot before, years ago when I was busy flunking out of Temple University in Philadelphia and therefore not home in the Lehigh Valley, but that was a one-time deal.)

For this election, I got to (well, had to) research all the candidates, which was made easy because many provided absolutely no information online. There were the usual options of choosing a particular candidate, but there were also a lot of questions about whether specific candidates should continue to hold office. People I'd never heard of. (Because, you know, I've only been living in Utah for a few months.) People who had absolutely no information anywhere online. What does one do in that situation? Two candidates were listed twice, their questions about whether they should remain in office listed one right after the other. Thinking this was a typo, I e-mailed the Bureau of Elections, whose reply questioned that many candidates were running for reelection in more than one district, and was it possible that this was the case on my ballot as well? Of course, I didn't know because there was no indication in which district the candidates were running - and I replied as such. So perhaps that could be better phrased on future ballots.

Last night and this morning I was amusing myself with the 100 Best Signs at the Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. The picture below accurately portrays my feelings on the election at the moment:

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