Tuesday, November 9, 2010


I had an appointment this morning with a nurse educator. I have some health concerns that I want to start controlling, and one of the big ways to do that is to get background information, and start eating better. I had initially wanted to schedule an appointment with a dietitian or nutritionist (I still don't know the difference), but was told that I had to have an appointment with the nurse educator before making the other appointment. Fortunately, the nurse had some really great information, resources, and advice, was able to give me some meal planning guides for both myself and Ed, and in addition gave me a list of websites that might help in various ways.

The website that both really floored both Ed and me was One Touch Gold, a site that allows you to input various tidbits of information about yourself, and then gives you a day-by-day meal plan for an indeterminate amount of time. One can change one's meal plan according to a set number of calories (they give you four common selections from which one can choose), and then one is given breakfast, lunch, dinner, and two snacks, as well as applicable recipes. And - and! - there's a shopping list that is automatically generated by your personalized meal plan, with the option to remove items one might already have. There's also a Fitness section and Recipe section I haven't perused much yet, but it all looks very promising.

Ed is being very supportive, good man that he is, although his support means he'll be eating things like veggie burgers, which is probably not something anyone should have to do on a regular basis. Tonight for dinner we had spiced cod with veggies (potatoes, carrots, and broccoli, which replaced the string beans and zucchini I don't like), and it was good. And more importantly, we actually had enough. Probably used a bit too much olive oil and butter, but it was still less than I'd have used before. I'm not cutting out fat entirely; I'm just going to be more conscious about the amounts I use and use what I actually need, instead of mindlessly slathering it on.

I do not want medical issues to become astronomically worse when I get older.

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