Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas Shopping

And so, the season of Christmas shopping begins. I have not begun to do any shopping mostly because I keep forgetting. Ed has put me in charge of all the shopping, which is probably a mistake, because I'm missing the Girly Gene that would make it necessary for me to actually enjoy shopping.

We did do some shopping today, though. St. Joe's is one of the parishes in the diocese that gives parishioners an opportunity to buy a few gifts for a child in need by choosing a card hanging from a Christmas tree at church; said card included the child's age, height, weight, favorite colors, clothing sizes, etc. We got a four year old girl whose favorite colors were pink and purple, and listed a few items she needed most (a coat, dresses and tights, and two-piece outfits). This afternoon we stopped at Target and bought her a pink and purple coat, a pretty dress with purple and pink accents, and a few pairs of tights (two pink, one purple). It would have been easy to buy her a lot more but one has to restrain oneself at some point.

I kinda enjoyed shopping for a little kid and only slightly went a bit mushy at the pretty dresses.

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