Thursday, October 21, 2010

More Educational Bureaucracy

I recently submitted an application packet to the Salt Lake City (Utah) School District. I don't believe they have any vacancies for English teachers, but I sent them an application packet anyway. The application packet required my completing a district application, a voluntary affirmative action data form, a resume, an optional cover letter, official copies of my (college) transcripts, a copy of my Utah teaching license, and a copy of any out-of-state teaching or other professional licenses. 

This was not a problem. I filled out the application and affirmative action data form, included my CV and a cover letter, official copies of my transcripts (I keep extras for this very reason), and a copy of both my Utah and New York State teaching licenses. And I didn't really expect to hear anything.

Today I received a postcard in the mail from the SLC school district, requesting I submit my Praxis exam results and three letters of recommendation. (There were checkboxes of various item that might need to be submitted.) Sending them my Praxis exam results is not a problem. However, I do not have three letters of recommendation because I haven't been teaching long enough to get any. There was no indication on either the SLC school district website or the application packet that these extra items would be required. So what are the options for a new teacher, one who has just graduated, perhaps, and hasn't had any professional experience yet, and therefore has no letters of recommendation?

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  1. Do you have college professors that could write letters for you? Any other work experience? I think they just want to know that someone else thinks highly of you, not necessarily in the field of education.