Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pre-Cana Meeting #1

Man, was I nervous. I didn't even realize how nervous until after the meeting with Fr. Carley was over, but things couldn't have gone more smoothly.

Mostly I was nervous because I had no idea what to expect. I've never even come close to being married before, and while I have friends who are married - and gone to various weddings, both Catholic, religious, and secular - none of my close friends have had a Catholic wedding, so I had no point of reference for Pre-Cana and what was likely to happen. It would be an impossible question anyway, because every priest is different. The priest at St. Joseph the Worker, Fr. Carley, isn't someone I was too familiar with (I haven't been a member of the parish for too long, and for two of those months, either he or Ed and I were not in town.)

My fears were generally allayed, though. Ed not being a confirmed Catholic wasn't as big an issue as we'd feared: If it's a requirement via Canon Law that Ed, as a technical Catholic, must be confirmed, either he would have to go through RCIA classes (which he's not ready for; there wouldn't be time, anyway), or we'd get a dispensation from the bishop. My understanding was that if we wanted to have a Nuptial Mass, Ed had only to be baptized; additionally, I thought that his being confirmed might be more a recommendation than requirement. Since Fr. Carley wasn't entirely sure himself, he said he'd make a call or two to find out, and we'd take it from there. He didn't seem to see it as a major stumbling block and seemed to think it could be gotten around. Fr. Carley recommended that we go to an Engaged Encounter weekend (I've registered us for the upcoming November weekend), after which I'll make another appointment with Fr. Carley, and we'll take the next step.

In a related quirk, I'm entertained by the ads that have begun appearing on FaceBook: I'm now seeing a plethora of wedding vendor ads. The one I saw today informed me that if I mentioned that particular ad when booking the service (this was for a photographer), they'd knock $500 off the price. This entertains me because I can't imagine how much they're charging for the photographer; we booked ours for the amount that would be saved by mentioning the ad.

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