Saturday, September 4, 2010

Home Again & Video

Yesterday was what one might call A Very Long Day. We finally made it home after about 21 hours of being awake and traveling. From Stockholm - and we did manage to get seats, although one of us was in business, and the other in Economy - we flew to JFK, and then caught a bus to Allentown. (We got up at 6 a.m. to catch the 8 a.m. shuttle for our 11 a.m. flight, which was 7 ½ - 8 hours, followed by a 90-minute wait, then a four-hour bus ride.) Mom fed us, and we hung out talking a bit before Ed fell into bed. (Bad timing: He woke with a monster head cold.) We had such a wonderful and interesting time, but we were so glad to be home and felt much more human after taking a shower today.

Our hotel the final night in Stockholm was really something to behold, though (we flew from Helsinki back to Stockholm to catch our flight to JFK). Among other interesting things to happen, although the front desk lady was very nice, she initially sent us to a room that was already occupied. On top of that, the shower stall had a drain that deposited the water to the bathroom floor, so once we stepped out of our respective morning showers, we stepped into a few inches of water.

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