Monday, September 20, 2010

Geeking Out, Blogging-Style

I seem to have a lot of blog out there: I have a handful of blogs hanging out on Blogger, one on LiveJournal, and I hang out on microblogging and social networking sites like Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn, AudioBoo, etc. I really enjoy blogging a lot, and being socially active online, even if no one other than my mother or fiance takes any notice of my online presence. I like the blogging more than the other aspects of being online, although I add a certain amount of value to being on FaceBook or LinkedIn, and in my miniscule geeky brain's technological hierarchy, I always liked Blogger more than LiveJournal, although both sites had aspects that I liked. (I used Blogger first, and longest; I find the site inherently easy to modify, but LiveJournal has a few features that drew me to them, also.)

In any case, at this point I have so many blogs about so many topics, that cross-posting is a bit of a nuisance. Getting my blog posts to post everywhere I want is also a nuisance; I can get my Blogger blog to post to Twitter and sometimes to FaceBook (depending on the blog), but I have to use or Friendfeed to post applicable blog entries elsewhere, like to MySpace (does anyone use MySpace anymore?), etc. And some services I really like, such as AudioBoo, can be set up such that I can post my boos to Twitter and FaceBook and Posterous, but not to Blogger or LiveJournal.

I think I'm explaining that as clearly as I can; it's possible I've muddled everything terribly. It's difficult, even to me, keeping everything straight.

In any case, I like things streamlined, so after poking my nose around Posterous for awhile, I signed up for an account; I arranged my cross-posting such that whatever blog posts I post on Posterous, will go to my various other sites as well. I wanted to make things easy on myself.

And not for nothing, but I'm also getting married next May, which means there would be a name change involved. Having to change URLs and user names from msolomon or michellesolomon to some configuration that would include "Szetela" will just be annoying and time-consuming. (It took me months of remembering and coming across sites I used to change my former e-mail address to my current Gmail e-mail address.)

The motto of the blog post is: I've gone done and created a new blog at, which will (hopefully) post everywhere I would normally post, but for your own sanity, you might just want to forget all those other blogs I keep and bookmark this one.

Or not, whatever's easier.

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