Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bad Wedding Dress Vendor

I have to admit that I was never one who had longingly planned and plotted out a wedding simply for the sake of planning and plotting a wedding. I do know women who, without so much as having a boyfriend with whom they've been discussing marriage, have the entirety of the weddings planned, down to the dress.

This was not me.

I was never really keen on a traditional wedding gown. However, Ed seemed to really want me in something poofy, and since it was important to him, we began the process of looking for a wedding gown. (I have to admit I enjoy just how much he's gotten into this.) Previous blog entries chronicle my search, including a dress maker from Altered Elegance who could help design a custom gown. Since I wasn't finding too much I liked - and add to that my being a larger size - I dropped her an e-mail making a basic inquiry. Two days later she replied, asking for more details, which I provided; I included links to a few gowns I liked, my price range, and when I would need the gown. I responded on August 4th.

Two days ago, which incidentally is five weeks after I sent her the information, I heard from her again, apologizing for not having been in contact sooner but without further explanation. I had told her my budget would be between $1,000 and $1,500 (at the time all the dresses I had been finding had been in that price range); she quoted me a price of $1,500. Clearly she does not want my business.

By the way? The dress I ordered took - wait for it - exactly one week to arrive from the time I placed the order, and cost $675.

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