Thursday, August 12, 2010

Travel Readiness

Next week, Ed and I are taking a jaunt over to Europe, namely Stockholm, Tallinn, and Helsinki. It's one of those weird things that got out of hand: I made a joke about running off to Estonia as a mid-life crisis, and we thought, why not? So we looked into going to Tallinn, and since there aren't any direct flights on a viable airline (the flight benefits limit us to specific airlines, at this point), we began looking at which cities would be the closest to Tallinn, figuring the further east we could go, the better; the furthest east we could get would be Stockholm, so we decided we might as well spend a few days there. And since it's only a 2-hour ferry ride to Helsinki, we decided to add Helsinki to our itinerary as well. We're flying to Pennsylvania on Tuesday to take care of some wedding planning, retrieving Mom and Dad from Newark on Thursday, and hopping our own international flight on Friday.

We've been slowly getting ourselves organized, which mostly means arranging the multitude of Internet purchases to arrive by Monday. Yesterday brought my Envirosax (which I highly recommend; they fold up small and are very light and easily transportable, and are handy to bring along just in case you need a shopping bag); my international plug adaptors and a travel power strip are en route, as is clothing. My backpack arrived some time ago. (I do have a travel purse I could bring, but the backpack could double as a laptop bag and travel bag, making things more compact and easier to carry around travel guides. I haven't made up my mind, though.) And today I bought a ticket and ID wallet, so I can bring something smaller with me and not have my regular wallet bulging out of a pocket.

I think it's time to admit that I have a weakness for travel gadgets.

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