Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stockholm --> Tallinn: Adventures in Flying

The next leg of our journal has started rather inauspiciously. We had an evening flight to Tallinn, a flight that only takes about an hour. We got to the Arlanda airport in Stockholm with more than enough time to spare, and rested our weary wheels, poked around the Duty Free shop, had dinner, and camped out at the gate. Just after boarding was announced, the desk agent announced that due to an issue at the Tallinn airport, we would board late. Some time later, we were told that because of an accident, the Tallinn airport would be closed for the night, with no arrivals or departures allowed.

Scandinavian Air cancelled our flight and will be running our flight tomorrow morning with the same flight number; in the meantime, they shuffled us off to a bus that took us to a hotel about 30 miles northwest of Stockholm. It's a nice hotel, but inconsistent: crystal chandeliers but no elevator to our third-floor room; a "double occupancy room" means two single beds; there are no tissues or washcloths, but there is a body wash dispenser in the shower.

Because of Ed's flight benefits, as a "companion" I fly at a rather (extremely) reduced airfare. (After we get married, as a spouse I'll pay only the associated taxes.) It's ironic that when we flew to Sweden, we non-revved - we put ourselves on standby - and managed to get Business Class seats, which were wider, more comfortable, and even allowed us to stretch all the way out, in addition to getting pillows, blankets; we also got champagne as we boarded, wine, beer or cocktails with dinner, and meals on actual plates, as well as breakfast before we landed. Yet when we pay for a ticket, the flight gets cancelled. At least this way, Scandinavian Air has to put us up in a hotel!

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