Sunday, June 27, 2010


Ed and I were in Pittsburgh this weekend to hang out with an alleged slew of people, most of whom it turns out we didn't know. We did run into Jason and Chris W. a few times, and got to hang out - this was very cool, since I haven't seen either of them in years - but by and large it was a bummer of a weekend. Except for Jason and Chris W., we didn't really run into anyone we knew - although I did run into Carlos, and got to talk to him for a long time; it's been a really long time since I saw him (he's since gotten married and has two little ones). Construction abounded, so we kept getting lost; and of course, it was hot and humid.

Friday I was fairly miserable, so I finally decided that staying in a hotel all day and doing nothing was just too sucky to continue doing, so at least yesterday we got out and drove off to the Duquesne Incline (and got very lost in the process; construction is not fun) and St. Anthony's Chapel, which has the largest number of relics outside the Vatican. It was a gorgeous church, and really a hidden gem; we arrived with 15 minutes to spare, and while I can't imagine ever going back to Pittsburgh, if I do get back, I'd like to go back to visit St. Anthony's.

Our drive home today was the antithesis of Thursday's drive: It was smooth and traffic-jam free, absolutely smooth sailing. We're both really tired and glad to be back in eastern Pennsylvania, and although we'd hoped to get back to Utah tomorrow, the loads were against us and we'll try to back to Utah on Tuesday.

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