Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Cooking

Today being Mother's Day, I thought I'd cook something special for dinner tonight. I'm currently simmering Rogan Josh with a few modifications: At first I couldn't find, then didn't have enough money for, lamb, so I used a beef roast instead (I forget which particular cut; it doesn't matter). In my mad cleaning of our spice cabinet a few weeks ago, I think I may have thrown out the chili powder; in any rate, I couldn't find it, so I used red curry powder instead. I had all the other spices, and I probably could have omitted the chili powder, but what the hell.

Last night I made chocolate buttermilk cake with ganache, although I didn't have enough ganache to frost the sides of the cake. This also doesn't really matter; the cake looks pretty tasty. I'm also making chocolate angel pie. I forgot to add the walnuts to meringue pie shell (doh!) so I toasted some walnuts and will be adding them to the filling.

I made the cake last night and baked the meringue pie shell this morning. As the pie shell has been in the fridge, as the recipe calls for, I've been assembling the Rogan Josh. I don't have the chocolate for the pie filling, so I'll be running out to the store shortly, but with everything else already done there's no rush for making the filling (which has to be in the fridge for at least two hours before being served).

The house smells like an Indian restaurant. It's great!

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