Monday, April 26, 2010

History Geeks

Ed's been in town for the past week; I dropped him off at the airport this morning. I've been trying to figure out how the week went by so quickly, since we didn't actually do a whole lot. We did see How To Train Your Dragon in 3D, which was pretty cool; I wouldn't have gone to see it on my own. Quite a few people I know have seen it and raved about it; I'm not that over the moon about it (I'm not too much into animation), but I did enjoy it.

Late Wednesday night we decided we wanted to got to New York City overnight, so on Friday morning we hopped a bus, checked into our hotel, and ran over to Grand Central Station to have lunch (world's best food court; plus, Ed had never been to Grand Central before, and it's such a beautiful building, it really is something everyone should see at least once) before heading to the King Tut Exhibit, which had opened that day. It was an amazing exhibit, full of artifacts from his family, his life, and his tomb.

We wandered down to Brooklyn Heights for dinner (Montague Street has a trove of restaurants); I'd wanted to show Ed this neighborhood last time, but it was raining and cold and it would have been unpleasant. Friday night, however, was warm and spring-y, and it was a great night for a walk. We stopped for dinner, after which we hung out at the Promenade, which has a great view of lower Manhattan and the Brooklyn Bridge, especially at night - and which I'd wanted to show Ed. Very all romantic and stuff.

On Saturday we got a late start, but we had planned on going to the Met, and so we did. We really need to go back; it's been years since I've been there, and I'd forgotten how cool it is. I'd wanted to see the Mourners, a special exhibit of medieval tomb sculptures from the Court of Burgundy; we also traipsed through the Arms and Armor exhibit. (We also did a very quick walk through of the Egypt exhibit, but after Friday's Egyptology geeking out, I was ready to look at other things.) I've always wanted to see the Cloisters, and it was a good day for it: sunny and warm, but we would have enjoyed the walking more had we not been suffering from Very Sore Feet Syndrome. (Protip: Don't wear sandals in NYC if you're doing a lot of walking.) We didn't get to see the gardens, but we did see the entirety of the Cloisters, staying until we were kicked out. I took lots of pictures and made a little video, too:

Before we headed back to Allentown on Saturday, we had a really, really excellent dinner at Olde Homestead, which bills itself as the oldest steakhouse in the country. We got back late and were exhausted, so we spent most of yesterday recovering. One of my students had helped organize a film festival, and although we missed most of it, we went to the last movie - The Good Thief. There weren't too many other folks in attendance, but the director was there and was able to provide a running commentary, which we thoroughly enjoyed. It felt like a private screening.

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