Monday, March 15, 2010

Utah: The Sequel

Being that Spring Break officially ended on Friday, I thought it would be a good idea to go home yesterday, since, you know, I have classes to teach and whatnot. Rita, the kooky goddess of airline travel, thought differently, though. Yesterday morning, Ed and I traipsed (albeit somewhat groggily) to the airport, and attempted to get me on two or three flights, each of which was either cancelled or overbooked to the point in which Delta Airlines attempted to buy people off because they were so full. Apparently on Saturday there was so much rain on the East Coast, there were a number of cancellations, causing a lovely domino effect, even into today: We tried to get me on four separate flights, three of which were again overbooked to the point that Delta was buying people off. Theoretically I could have attempted an afternoon or evening flight, but my arrival would have caused me to sit in an airport overnight, without any means of getting back to Allentown. We tried flights that were going to JFK, Newark, and Philadelphia - no luck.

When we got home today, it was decided that there was now no more time to play around; I already had to cancel my class because even under the best of circumstances I wasn't going to make it home in time, so a an actual ticket was acquired, and although I have to change planes twice and I'll get in at 11:36 p.m., I'll be arriving at the local airport, instead of Philadelphia or JFK.

Aside from the airport runs, it's been a good trip. Unlike my last visit, we spent more time being around (dare I say it) boring: running errands (the Utah Licensure brouhaha), doing whatever shopping needed to be done, cooking, watching movies, going out for dinner a few times. We went to another rehearsal of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and an organ recital, and attempted a scenic drive that caused us both to realize that we neither of us have a sense of direction and ultimately rendered us temporarily lost.

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