Thursday, February 18, 2010


I love to bake, and as such, I bookmark a lot of recipes. (I'm a dweeb. This is public knowledge.) Periodically I go through my recipes folder and weed out the recipes I'd meant to take a closer look at, or those that only ever really half appealed to me, etc., and I keep those I'll want to revisit.

Today I rediscovered two recipes I had very excited about (which makes me sound sad and pathetic) and decided that my baking them must be an imminent event: chocolate-covered salted peanut caramel cups and spicy sweet roasted nuts. Alas, both require sea salt, and as David Lebovitz (formerly of Chez Panisse, which, by the way, is one of the best restaurants I've ever been to; I highly recommend it if you're ever near Berkeley) had recommended a specific sea salt - Fleur De Sel - I went looking. (Sea salt can come from a variety of different geographic areas, can have different flavors, colors, and grinds.)

Amazon didn't currently have any available, but I discovered another site that I immediately bookmarked: My Spice Sage. I bought a four-ounce bag of Fleur De Sel for $11, and even better, because of a promotion my order came with 10 free Madagascar vanilla beans. And - and! I got to choose one free ounce of any of their other spice, so I chose another ounce of Madagascar vanilla beans.

I love all these different spices and seasonings, and I've always been really interested in all these different types of high-end salts, so I'm a bit excited to be playing.

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