Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Fun With Work

It's been a really long time between updates, which is not always a bad thing (and sometimes it's necessary if nothing much has been happening), but I've been a busy girl lately.

Work at the daycare is (I think) going well. It's a very physical job, but I've finally begun finding my metaphorical groove; I'm more comfortable with the kids, they're more comfortable with me, we're getting to know each other, etc. I'm especially close to a very sensitive four-year-old, M., who can manage to push all my buttons pretty easily, although I have to pretend otherwise if it's a matter of discipline. He wants me to sit with him constantly; wants me to pick him up; wants to sit in my lap; wants to cuddle. I am more highly bothered when I see him cry, although I've made him cry a few times by disciplining him, but more than any of the other children he seems to need my approval, so I'm trying to be careful. One of my co-workers remarked, "He's really taken to you, like white on rice."

A few weeks ago, I applied for a part-time adjunct position at LCCC. About two weeks ago I was called in for an interview; about a week and a half ago I had the interview, and the very next morning I was offered a job of teaching two classes: ENG 100 (Fundamentals of Writing) and ENG 105 (College English I).

I'm now in a position, though, of deciding if it's possible to work both at the daycare and at LCCC. I suspect not: The classes that were offered would require me to leave the daycare about an hour early twice a week, and it doesn't seem too possible to find coverage for that remaining hour and 15 minutes; working part time doesn't appear to be a viable option, either. Teaching two classes at LCCC pays more than full time work at the daycare, plus there's an extremely good chance I'll be working back in their writing center, either as a tutor, or assisting them in growing their writing center. I need to give the daycare three weeks' notice, so I'll have to make a decision imminently.

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