Sunday, November 22, 2009

The Wedding

As of Friday afternoon, I officially have a sister-in-law. This is pretty cool.

We arrived with no trouble on Thursday around lunch; Justin and Cheng retrieved us from SFO and deposited us at our hotel. It was a pretty mellow day; Mom and Cheng went out for a manicure, after which they met up with Justin and Dad. (I was too beat; I hung out in my room.) We met up with Anne (my aunt) for dinner at Regent Thai, where Cheng works, and ordered a boatload of food and shared (apropos for the occasion, and the food is excellent; I highly recommend it).

Justin and Cheng's wedding itself was very simple - they got married in City Hall (rather impressive, as far as buildings go; it took up an entire city block) on Friday. There was some concern that only six people would be allowed to witness the ceremony, but fortunately the whole slew of us got to watch. We eventually traipsed on over to 54 Mint for whatever meal is between lunch and dinner. (Also experienced: the first wine I've ever had that I liked - a white wine from Milan. I generally don't like wine at all, but this was good stuff. I also tried two different red wines, which were pretty good, but this was a lot of drinking for me.) It was a pretty late night; after we were (nicely) kicked out (there was another party that needed the space), about 10 of us went to another bar to hang out and for more drinks - any excuse to continue the celebrations. I took some not-so-great pictures, and, of course, an obligatory video.

Patrick (my uncle) left late Friday night, and Anne left Saturday morning, so by the time Justin and Cheng had dropped off Anne at SFO, there were just the five of us (Justin and Cheng, Mom, Dad, and myself). We went to the Ferry Building Marketplace, which I happened to visit when I was in San Francisco in March, but on Saturday a serviceably larger Farmer's Market opens up, so it was really cool to poke around. I bought some zapallitos (and I got one for free!), an Argentine summer squash; I've never heard of zapallitos before, but I wanted to see what I might be able to do with them, so I transported them home, and I plan to experiment with them sometime this week:

ustin and Cheng had us over for dinner on Saturday night, and then drove us over to Twin Peaks (about 1,000 feet up), which offered I think the best view of San Francisco I've ever seen. It was late at night - after 10 p.m., at any rate - and very clear, and it was just a gorgeous way to end the weekend. I was sorry to go.

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