Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tales from Day Care (Part II)

A summary of today's adventures: Today we had two birthdays. D.'s grandmother brought in Spiderman cupcakes (cupcakes with either candy Spiderman faces or candy spiders on them), Spiderman plates, Spiderman napkins, and Spiderman cups. One of the little girls actually groaned a bit and asked why boys liked Spiderman so much. I don't think one can answer such a question, to be honest. 

It was also M.'s birthday. Although M. is in the 5-year-old class, he shyly brought around mini-cupcakes to all the teachers, asked me twice if I wanted one, and put one in front of me anyway even after I declined. Lesson learned: Do not deny the cupcake.

I made a child cry today. M. (a different M.) kept running around and yelling (because the day before a holiday and afternoon cupcakes and pseudo-free reign of the Dress Up area of the classroom will equal very bouncy children). I asked him twice to stop, but the third time I sent him to The Table. His poor little face crumbled but I did not feel badly. Perhaps it is a short span of time that has turned me into Teacher Curmudgeon, but when Miss Michelle tells you to stop yelling, she means it. (M. cries at everything. He's very sensitive. If you look at him cross-eyed he becomes upset. He got over it within five minutes.)

Little boy N. wore a pink frilly (is there any other kind?) tutu today for a good long time during Dress Up. Two of the other (older) girls saw him and pointed out to me that N. was wearing a tutu. I said, why, yes, he was, and moved on. Clearly this was the wrong reaction because I was supposed to make N. not want to wear a pink frilly tutu, but who am I to argue with fashion? (I certainly don't have any.)

I am, in fact, a sucker for dimples. Don't ask me why or how I know the effectiveness of dimples even when they're on adults, but they are also especially effective when little girl J. smiles at me.

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