Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Background Checks

This afternoon I have an interview for a therapeutic staff support position. It sounds like a really interesting gig, combining teaching (I have some experience in this field), special education (which I have peripheral experience in), and mental health (I have some experience in this field, too). Essentially, the position would entail my providing behavioral modification support to children who (from what I understand) have to cope with learning disabilities, ADHD/ADD, autism, etc. It's a contract position, which means no health insurance, and taxes aren't taken out of whatever I'd earn, nor are contracts guaranteed, but it sounds like interesting work that I could do well.

But this being an overlapping field of education, health care, and mental health, there are a lot of background checks involved. In order to complete my application packet, the following credentials are required:

  • PA Criminal Clearance ($10)
  • PA Child Abuse Clearance ($10)
  • FBI Clearance - Cogent Fingerprint ($38.50) - must be Dept. of Education, not DPW
  • CPR/FA - must be child and adult (if training is needed: cost $55)
  • Training for TSS ($20)
  • Physical/PPD
  • Evaluated college degree and official transcripts
  • References (3)
I guess one of the reasons one jumps through so many hoops is to filter out the folks who aren't as serious about this type of work. It's not that big a hassle to get the clearances - it just takes a bit of time - but I could see how people would be turned off on choosing a career in any of these fields, based on the necessary paperwork alone.

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  1. well how did it go? And I think you would be a great fit to this job. I have always told my family that my finger are on fill because I work at a bank.