Sunday, October 11, 2009


I spent the weekend in upstate New York, hanging out with the family. Ciara is turning 16 next week, so nine of us descended on my aunt's home outside Albany: me, Mom, Dad, Anne & Bill (of course), Patrick, and Bill's sister Harriet and her daughter. Ciara has turned out to be really cool and I enjoy her a lot. We're finally at the stage where we can talk about the good stuff. She told me she'd wished she had more of a chance to visit with me this weekend, which made me get a bit teary, because I adore her to pieces. I had a really good time and although I'm glad to be home, I really enjoyed spending the time with my family.

In family-related news: I got a link to Aidan's new film, which apparently was completed last August, but Patrick only gave me the link last night. I'm probably biased, but I think his latest is really good. Rather trippy.  

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