Friday, July 24, 2009

Red Hook

Not much of a post, but today I took a drive out to Brooklyn. I wanted to go to DUBPies in Cobble Hill. (Completely worth the trip; I picked up four pies: Thai chicken curry, steak & cheese, chicken & vegetable, and Tex Mex vegetarian. Really good stuff.) I cruised over to Steve's Authentic for a couple swingles too. It was a nice day out and I hung out at the pier, and enjoyed the sun and the flowers and just being outside. (Steve's Authentic is in an old brick warehouse on one of the piers, and you can see lower Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty, so it was cool to just stretch my legs and walk around for a bit.) The drive home was pretty terrible - bumper to bumper all the way from the time I got on the BQE until I got off the LIE (took about an hour to get fewer than 8 miles).

Enjoy some video handiwork:

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