Thursday, April 16, 2009

School Updates

I've pushed back my thesis completion date again. I haven't had the discipline to work on it this semester, so I'm going to have to tackle it over the summer; my thesis advisor told me she'll be very busy over the summer, so my official graduation may be December 2009. I'm still planning on walking next month, though. I have new appreciation for the ABD folks, and my fellow grad students whose thesis languish (or so it feels that mine is languishing) for a few semesters. And I feel very humbled and knocked down a few pegs in thinking I would complete my thesis in one semester. And I once again am very thankful that my teaching certification is not hinged on any manner of timely completion of this degree. Currently I regret having voluntarily agreed to write this thesis - this is possibly the first time I rue the day I thought it would be a good idea - but I also suspect that I need to reevaluate my position on writing these sort of thing, and will appreciate the self-discipline and the required work needed for that elusive doctoral dissertation, should I ever get there.

Spring break this week in the secondary schools - no guilt about not subbing. Over the weekend I'll work on a draft for my research paper for this last official class I have for my M.A. Three more weeks of the semester! Time to focus on the research, indeed. Footnotes to complete, maps to find...I suspect there's much more to this research project, and I suspect that the research paper itself will be the difficult part of it. I have several weeks to write it, though, and Dr. McGarrity has agreed to read over a draft for me when I hand it in on Tuesday.

Chris and I are going to a Richard Cheese concert on Saturday; I had bought him tickets for Christmas. Stella and Dave are also going, so perhaps we'll meet up for drinks afterwards, if we find each other and aren't too tired. Got their wedding invitation in the mail yesterday; they're getting married on Stella's birthday, at the end of June.

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