Monday, April 20, 2009

Payroll Troubles

I still haven't received a paycheck for my first subbing gig, way back at the beginning of March. I've waited a bit, because I wasn't sure if the NYCDOE needed a bit of extra time to mail out first paychecks. However, I finally got in touch with the chief administrator in the Division of Financial Operations, who advised me to contact the payroll secretary at the school in which I worked to confirm whether those service hours were entered; or I could log on to the Payroll Portal to check to see if my hours were submitted and a paycheck submitted.

I put in a call to the school's payroll secretary, who said she's call me back. In the meantime, I called HR Connect (the help desk/customer service part of the Department of Ed.) to get my reference number (which is not the same as my Employee ID number) so I could log on to the Payroll Portal. However, for some reason that I could not quite understand, because of my status as a substitute, the woman with whom I spoke couldn't provide me with my number, which she told me would be available on my paycheck. So the problem was circular: I couldn't log on to see if my paycheck had been sent until I got a reference number, which I couldn't get until I received a paycheck.

Fortunately, the payroll secretary did find that she had forgotten to attach something when she submitted my service hours, so I should receive this paycheck in a couple weeks. This means, though, that I'll be paying my car insurance a few days late and I won't have money for my LIRR ticket.

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