Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Thursday

Another Holy Thursday has rolled by. I went to Mass this evening, although I left right after Communion to make sure Chris and I got dinner before it became impossible to find anything. I went back for the Night Prayer, though, which was just...nice. I stayed for the last half an hour or so, but once I got there I wished I had arrived earlier. It felt calm and restful, like sitting with a very comfortable friend with whom you don't need to speak; you could just sit there companionably - I felt like I could sit there for awhile, and just clear my head.

Tomorrow I'll probably attend the
Stations of the Cross, the Celebration of the Passion, and the Good Friday evening prayer, which includes our church choir singing Dubois' "Seven Last Words of Christ." I agreed to be a Eucharistic Minister at one of the Sunday Masses, which means no Easter Vigil this year.

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