Monday, April 13, 2009

Ciara's Visit, Part 2

Dropped Ciara off at Penn Station this afternoon for her train ride back upstate. The rest of our visit went well, I think (I hope). Yesterday we went to Mass - I didn't realize how absolutely jammed the church would be. (It's been a couple years since I've gone to Mass on Easter Sunday; usually I go to the Easter Vigil on Saturday evening - the very, very long one.)

I do have to say that I was relieved (and impressed) at how easygoing and relaxed Ciara was. After Mass we hung out and attempted to go for a walk, but the wind was a bit too blustery and it was pretty nippy in the shade. We went out for dinner at the Plattduetsche Park Restaurant - every Easter they have a special menu (which, I should note, doesn't seem to change from year to year) - and even better, Elizabeth took the train out from LIRR to join us. After Elizabeth left, we rented The Revenge of the Pink Panther (causing much giggling in Ciara and much chortling in Chris).

Yesterday was really nice: Sunny and even a bit warm. Chris toddled off to work, but Ciara and I had some lunch and tea at Tea & Sympathy in the Village, and wandered around Chelsea Market before heading over to Grand Central Station and then back over to Times Square. Busy day; I feel like I've walked over all over the lower part of Manhattan.

Back to the work week tomorrow. This week is spring break for the school kids, and for some of the local colleges, but not for us at LIU (although I have no class tomorrow). I really need to start working on my research; the semester ends in three weeks and I have a paper to research and write, as well as the research for the group project for class.

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