Sunday, March 15, 2009

CCCC '09 San Francisco - Day 3

I'm home; I spent the day traveling and I feel only residual guilt about not subbing tomorrow, but I'm tired and I have no clean clothes to wear, even if I wanted to sub. 

My last day of 4Cs was quiet and mostly not actually about the conference. I chaired a session, "
On Race, Privilege, and Agency," which went well, although this was the first session I chaired in which the speakers had a lot more to say than we had time. I gave myself the rest of the day off, since I hadn't spent any part of this trip away from the conference. I stumbled across the end of a St. Patrick's Day Parade, found some lunch at the Metreon, then went back to Justin's to chill out and go to church at a really gorgeous old cathedral that's about 2 blocks away from Justin's. (The building is really lovely, but it seems they're having trouble staying open; the church apparently closed for about a year back in 2000 for reconstruction, has huge debts still; and I noticed very few people at the Saturday Vigil Mass.) Vhary came over to hang out and have dinner afterwards; I think it's the longest we've hung out in a years. 

San Francisco - March 2009 from Michelle Solomon on Vimeo.

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