Friday, March 13, 2009

CCCC '09 San Francisco - Day 2

Hit up a few more sessions today, although the day was hardly hectic, but I did hit up some good sessions.  The first, “Others Mentoring Others: Mapping and Problem-posing the Intellectual Labor, Costs, and Rewards of Mentoring Marginalized Students” was one I went to because Harry was chairing and presenting the session. It’s not one I would have normally gone to; I seem to consistently be drawn towards the technology sessions, although I should branch out a bit, but it’s impossible to go to all the sessions I’d like to attend.  It turned out to be extremely interesting, though; based on one of the speakers, who’s nearly imminent completion of her Ph.D. or has recently finished, I started thinking about grad school differently in terms of the mental and emotional challenges I hadn’t fully considered. I started considering how the manner in which I tutor students, and the boundaries I set in terms of mentoring them (such as one does in tutoring sessions), as well as the ramifications that teachers/professors face in mentoring students, specifically how one determines which students to mentor, determining how much of the personal to share, the nature of the teacher/student relationship, etc. It got me thinking about my relationships with Harry and Courtney, that I still feel I have to be careful not to share too much personal information, although really, it’s not like I overshare with any of my other friends anyway.

I went to two sessions in the afternoon, the first of which was “Grammar, Language, and Student’s Rights.”  Dr. Dunn, one of my professors from Stony Brook, was giving a presentation (“Exposing Moral Judgment in Public Discourse on Grammar”) that I’d wanted to hear, and which was interesting. I'd also promised Patricia that I'd be in attendance of her session, in which she was co-presenting with a colleague from South Africa, Clifford: "Government, Funding, and the Role of Outcomes Assessment at the University of South Africa: A Preliminary Report." I'd heard most of this background before, but it was interesting to hear Clifford's talk and level of involvement. After the session I headed back to the conference after about an hour, hung out in the lobby, and debated which SIG to go to, ultimately deciding on "English Education-Composition Connections," one that I've gone to in years past. 

Between the sessions and the SIG in the evening I took a break and took the MUNI to the Ferry Building Marketplace; it was sunny and warm out in the sun and I wanted to see all the shops and maybe sit outside and get some sun and hang out by the water. The shade was hitting in the wrong place, though, but after I'd wandered through the shops, I sat outside on a bench in the shade and watch the ferries come and go. It was relaxing and was probably my only foray into vacation mode I'll have this trip.

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