Sunday, February 22, 2009

iBirthday '09

Tomorrow is my birthday, but since my birthday falls on a Monday this year, Mom and Dad came to visit this weekend to help celebrate. Mom baked a strawberry cake with chocolate frosting (my favorite - it's like a chocolate-covered strawberry), and we went out to Waterzooi for dinner (I never knew paella could be so good). Chris got me a book (Work Hard. Be Nice.) and a 2 GB Eye Fi Explore memory card, which means I can take pictures, tag them, and wirelessly transfer them from my camera.

All in all a very good birthday, although today is chilly and rainy, but I'm going to just relax today, revise a draft for Tuesday's class (I want that A-, and not the B+), and perhaps drink some tea. And maybe have another slice of cake after dinner tonight.

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