Monday, December 22, 2008

Travelin' Gal

Last week was a busy week, so this week is, in fact, a welcome reprieve. I finished my grades (note tht I still don't have all of my grades from my professors) and went to a holiday party - a really good one too: Much food was brought in and consumed; a gift exchange was done; much silliness ensued.

Chris and I are visiting Mom and Dad this week; Chris took the week off from work, so we'll probably be in the Lehigh Valley at least until Friday, and (I think) visiting his parents the following weekend. Justin and his girlfriend Cheng are staying until Friday, too, I believe. It'll still be a busy week, though: Mom is baking tomorrow; Justin (and possibly Cheng) are shopping; I'd like to see the Christmas decorations in downtown Bethlehem; Justin, Chris, and I are likely to take Cheng to admire the wonder that is Wegmans; I'm going to attempt to meet Laura to drop off some of my Virginia Woolf books I read that she'll be reading for her classes next semester. And! The tree! We have to decorate the tree!

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