Thursday, December 25, 2008


Last night was busy indeed. I made hot sausage stuffing; Mom and Dad and Justin and Cheng went shopping; everyone was ensconced in very much gift wrapping for hours yesterday. We decorated the tree and broke out the Johnny Mathis (because this is the tradition - we listen to one of Dad's Johnny Mathis Christmas CDs while we decorate). Mom and I got gussied up and went to Midnight Mass at St. Ann's (Mom's church), came home, and broke out the fancy china and had tea and cookies and divinity and candied orange peel. 

This morning we eventually pulled everyone out of bed, and dug into our stockings (Jars of clotted cream! Farmer's Almanac! Cucumber melon hand lotion!), and then dug into our big piles of presents that were laying beneath the tree. I did extremely well: A canvas back bag from L.L. Bean; a watch; a fancy bluetooth headseat; a Barefoot Contessa cookbook; Oates' The Gravedigger's Daughter; Wilder's Tales from the Teachers' Lounge; Shachtman's Rumspringa; Irish Folktales; and an autographed copy of Pattison's Bone RattlerIt's so nice to have books to read for fun.

Anne, Bill, and Ciara are on their way down from upstate New York, so there's more to come.

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