Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas (Part II) & New Year's Eve

The rest of Christmas was really nice; Justin and Cheng flew back to San Francisco stupid early Sunday morning, and Chris and I drove back in the very early afternoon; Anne, Bill, and Ciara also drove back home on Sunday so it was rather Exodus-like. I can't think of anything much we did - we wandered around downtown Bethlehem and had lunch at a Thai place in honor of Cheng's birthday; and then went on over to the Promenade - and then went out to dinner at Gregory's Steakhouse for dinner on Saturday evening. We hadn't made any particular plans in terms of when to leave the Lehigh Valley but I'm really glad we stayed until Sunday. Plus, it gave me a chance to play with video editing (I didn't take as many pictures this year):

Tomorrow, of course, is New Year's Eve. I'm always a bit sorry I don't have a crowd of people over, but there's simply no room, and all the friends I'd really like to see are simply too spread out up and down the Eastern Seaboard. However, all is not lost; I'm just planning on cooking dinner for Chris and myself tomorrow evening, and I procured a bottle of sparkling apple cider (hardcore drinkers that we are).

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