Thursday, November 13, 2008

Bad Day

Things have been rough lately. I have not begun writing my thesis, a complete draft of which I would like to have written by Christmas (so my readers can read it and get it back to me so I'll have a chance to revise and resubmit so I can graduate in May). I'm actually a bit paralyzed in the sense that I have both so many ideas and so few original ideas that I'm not sure how I want to narrow my focus. The first step, of course, would be to actually finish reading my material so I can formulate an intelligent opinion, but at the moment I can't get to that.

The Virginia Woolf class continues to be the bane of my existence (metaphorically speaking), while the Literacy & Basic Writing class continues to be interesting, although I am dragging my heels in writing and researching my paper. This is not surprising, since I chose the same topic for the term paper as I did my thesis, thinking that the paper would force me to get a handle on my thesis. At some point it will, but that point is not likely to be this week. (The Virginia Woolf paper is nearly done; it's completely unoriginal in its topic - "War in Virginia Woolf Novels" - but I'm at peace with that. I simply hope that it is written well.)

The freshman comp class is going well enough, although this week it's been bumpy since the students hadn't done their assigned reading; as recompense I assigned an irritating in-class writing this morning that will be graded (and worth a lot of points), and about which I shall be the proverbial stickler in terms of form. I need them to understand that it's important that they do the work, that I'm not just assigning reading so they have something else to stop them from having an outside life. Hopefully this will be the thing that makes them see that.

A fellow tutor's mother died last week, so last night and tonight I'm covering a few of her tutoring sessions, which I'm delighted to do because I like Tina and I want to help in whatever capacity I can; however, today is simply not a good day (it's cold; it's rainy; I'm tired; I'm worried about school and my thesis and finances; and I lost my iPhone today) and I want to go home and feel bad in the privacy of my own home. Instead I'm at work, halfway through a two-page journal that's due tonight (and will be easily finished between tutoring sessions), and I'll be home by 10 tonight.

I think tomorrow I'm going to plan to get a new picture taken for the passport I need to renew. Something to look forward to, at any rate.

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