Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Pseudo-Crazy Life

I hesitate to indicate that things are crazy, but things do proceed to be a bit on the busy side, yet there is surprisingly little that's actually new. The past couple weekends have been very social, yet I haven't blogged about them for no reason other than I haven't quite felt like writing much lately. The last weekend in August, Labor Day weekend, Chris and I took a train upstate to visit his parents, as well as visit JB, Amy, and their baby whom we hadn't yet met despite his being (at the time) nine months old. I'm always a bit surprised when I get to hold babies and they don't immediately either squirm or start bawling. Little James did neither, so as far as I'm concerned the baby is extremely cute and charming. JB and Amy live in the same town as Anne, Bill, and Ciara, so we popped over for a cup of tea and hung out for an hour or so, which I really loved doing; the Clifton Park Crew lives only about an hour or so away from Chris' parents but we never really seem to manage visiting, which I'd like to do more often. A few weekends ago we headed back upstate (again on the train) for the Eagle Mills craft fair, which I've been hearing about for years but have never gone too. I've been to Eagle Mills before but never this craft fair, which I thoroughly enjoyed. The weather was gorgeous, and there was lots of stuff to look at, so it was a good time.

The following weekend we took a bus to Pennsylvania to go to Renninger's Antique Extravaganza in Kutztown, and the Celtic Classic in Bethlehem; both events took place on the same weekend, so we hit up both events on the same day, which meant by the end of the day we were all thoroughly tired out - and a bit damp, since it rained all weekend. But we hadn't visited Mom and Dad in awhile, so it was good to spend time with them.

Last weekend was the Atlantic Antic, which in years past has been on the same weekend as Renninger's and the Celtic Classic, which meant we always had to choose which event we wanted to go to. This year the Antic was moved to the first weekend in October, which meant we could actually go. Mom and Dad were in town visiting friends who live in Park Slope, so we met up with them in the early afternoon and had a good walk. The weather turned out well, and even though I ate very little (half a sausage, half a fish cake, a bite or two of plantain), I did document everything Chris tried. (Some of the pictures turned out really well; I'm rather pleased.)

I'm a bit relieved all this social activity is over; with all the traveling and visiting we've been doing I've slacked off in my reading and homework. I haven't even had time to podcast, which I'll be doing again starting this weekend.

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