Friday, October 31, 2008

NCPTW '08 - Las Vegas, Day 3

Another good day today; I sat in on a couple good sessions, and I finally got a chance to hang out with and meet some new folks.

Earlier in the day I hit up the conference, getting to a session called “Why Did the Tutor Cross the Road, er, Line? (And Did It Get to the Tutee?)”, about tutors who cross the lines in their tutoring sessions providing ineffective tutoring (and many of the ways that this can happen); it was an interesting study, one in which both tutors’ sessions were transcribed, and both tutors and tutees were questioned about the sessions’ effectiveness.

A SIG that I went to afterwards (“Writing Centers in Learning or Academic Centers”) centered on discussion about the growing numbers of writing centers being placed in learning resource centers, and those pros and cons. It was interesting, but only an hour was scheduled for the afternoon SIGs, and since each of the four facilitators spent about 10 minutes talking about their own situation (or reading, in one case), there wasn’t much time for those of us in the audience to talk about our own situations, and talk about what was working and what wasn’t. I wasn’t quite sure what the facilitators wanted from the session, despite it being interesting to hear their stories.

I ingratiated myself on Harry and Courtney once again, and tagged along as we and a few other attendees – Lori, Dan, and Karen – forewent the Halloween party that the conference was throwing and went to the Bellagio instead to partake in their buffet, which Courtney had heard was the buffet to go to. The Bellagio was certainly rather opulent, and huge. And their buffet was matched in size; I think I went up there three or four times. The seafood was very good (my first course); the meat wasn’t too bad either (the lamb chops were rarer than I like, although I understand they’re meant to be prepared that way, and the Kobe beef brisket was chewy; but the Beef Wellington was amazing), and the desserts were good, too. I was almost compelled to get more food, but really, how much can you eat in one sitting?

We watched two performances at the Fountains of Bellagio (both of which I filmed; one of which I accidentally deleted, which was irritating), and Harry, Courtney, and I wandered down to the New York, New York hotel and casino (because - why not?) and finally made it back to our hotels. I missed most of the decorative aspects of New York, New York when I had seen it on Tuesday night, so there was still ambience to take part of.

I was realizing after I got back to my hotel that I'd like to see the Venetian and a bit more of Paris (the Eiffel Tower was all pretty, lit up), and perhaps go on a tour of the Hoover Dam. If I ever come back.

And I certainly appreciate the ambience of Las Vegas on Halloween. And let's just leave it at that.

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