Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Summer Vacation

This is the last week of tutoring for the summer; and to be more precise, tomorrow is the very last day of tutoring for the summer. (That last day coincides with the last day of classes during the second summer session.) It's been an odd week; I've been "tutoring" Monday through Thursday in the sense that I've been going into school, but most of my students haven't been showing up, so I've been spending more time traveling to and from school than I have been actually staying at school. I don't mind because I get paid for a certain number of students' absences, but it's a bit frustrating to spend 2-3 hours a day traveling to and from Brooklyn if I'm only spending half an hour or an hour on campus.

Tomorrow I have two students over the course of three hours. But whether or not they arrive, it's my last day of tutoring until next semester, and I won't be coming into Brooklyn much over the next couple of weeks. I have an Omicron Zeta meeting on Friday, and I need to visit the Department of Education to get my ID card replaced, but those are the only two matters of business I need to attend to. I would put off the ID card replacement but I should head in to ask about getting my substitute teacher certificate renewed for the upcoming academic year; the one I have now expires at the end of the month and I haven't received a replacement yet. I ahven't committed to anything yet, but what I may do is call the DOE first to see if I can get a straight answer from someone, and if I can't, I'll go in to see them in person.

Aside from that, Chris and I may be going to Governors Island this weekend (I really hope so - I've been wanting to go for quite a while now), and we may decide to head into Manhattan the following weekend for dinner. But the next two weeks I plan on reading and tweaking my syllabus. I suppose I can only fine-tune it so much but I'm really getting excited about teaeching next semester.

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