Sunday, August 17, 2008

Governors Island

Chris and I have been very busy today; we spent at least half the day at Governors Island, which is turned out to be a very cool way to spend much of our Sunday. We packed a picnic, put our sandwiches and macaroni salad in a cooler, took the very short (maybe 5-minute) ferry ride from the southern tip of Manhattan, and walked until our feet were about ready to fall off. It was a gorgeous day out - sunny and warm and a bit breezy; and I took lots of pictures. There are buildings all over the place - various living quarters (including the rather impressive Admiral's House), Saint Cornelius Church, Castle Williams, and Fort Jay, of which I took a short (and not terribly good, but good enough) video.

We wandered around New York City for a couple more hours, stopping at McNulty's Tea & Coffee Company, where I scored two different (decaffeinated) blends: chocolate mint, and lemon spice; then we stopped in at the Aphrodisia Herb Shoppe, which has a pretty good selection of spices. We weren't really ready to go home, but unmotivated in finding anything else to do (by this time we were hot, and tired, but didn't really want to head home), so we wandered around a bit aimlessly until dinner: Hill Country Barbecue, which was amazingly delicious. Chris had just been there this past Friday, but was easily convinced to take me tonight. I've never had brisket so good.

Really, the only downside of the day (aside from being tired and a bit overheated) was having to carry around the cooler all day. We concluded that picnics are better when they're had in parks that are closer to home.

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