Tuesday, July 29, 2008


I used to be mildly irritated at people who proclaim surprise at the time of year, indicating surprise that it was whatever month it happened to be at the time. ("Where did the time go?" "I can't believe it's March/July/insert month here already.") But I do have to admit surprise that it's already the end of July. It's the last week of the English Summer Institute; I may or may not have tutoring for the first two weeks in August. I may just show up and hope for the best (I would hope that my students show up). I wasn't entirely counting on my even tutoring, though, so I had arranged for an interview at a local employment agency. I wasn't expecting too much to come out of it, which sounds like pessimism, but was in fact realism based on my experience working at an employment agency in Allentown a number of years ago. (That was actually a job I really enjoyed, which surprised me; I worked for the employment agency itself, not going out on assignments.)

I'm a bit of a hard-to-fit employee right now. I really only want something for August (once school starts up again, I can sub and/or tutor as much or as little as I'd like), which is difficult because there's less money to be made for short-term assignments. (One works less so is therefore less of a money-maker.) Also, if there's a more permanent vacancy, a company is more likely to want to be able to hire a temp employee. (The company can always go back to the employment agency - or to another agency - to find a better fit.) If an employee is only out for a day, there may not be the advance notice to find a replacement. Even if the employee is out for a few days, or even for a few weeks, there's also a good chance that the company may not look for a replacement if her work could be covered by other employees.

Nevertheless, I made an appointment at an employment agency, took various computer skills tests (which I did pretty badly on, despite knowing my way around Word and Excel and knowing how to find the actual answer if such problems were to arise in the workplace), filled out a pile of paperwork, took more computer aptitude-type tests, and met a recruiter, with whom I spent perhaps 25 minutes, and who told me she didn't have anything right now but we should be in touch by the end of the week. I'll be looking around for other employment agencies later this week, also; but I'm not too enthused because if I'm tutoring for the next few weeks, I really wouldn't mind having a week or two of not commuting to the city.

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