Sunday, June 1, 2008

Today's Mass

I went today, as I normally do on the weekend, to Mass; I'm very happy that my church is so close by - really, a 5-minute walk. And as I was being all Eucharistic Minister-like today, I got to thinking of a couple of things during Mass:
  • Even though I've been part of this ministry since last August, I still feel a bit awed when entering the Sanctuary.
  • Today I was at the front of the Church, tabernacle side, distributing the Precious Blood. I wish people wouldn't grab the chalice out of my hands with one hand. It seems to be mostly aging middle-aged (and dare I say, seemingly Italian) men who do this. Somehow, in my mind, it doesn't show much reverence. It's not a beer, people, is what I want to say, but of course I don't.
  • Eddie Izzard has this bit that I find really funny because I think there may be some truth to it: He goes on to say (and I'm paraphrasing and editing for length and to get to the point) that in historically Black churches, or Gospel singing in general, that which has grown out of slavery and oppression, the singing tends to be really happy and joyous and boisterous, really celebrating their religion and their faith and their survival and relationship with God and Jesus, and hallelujah. And in historically White churches - most of the Protestants and the Catholics - the singing was sung by people who were not singing joyfully; there was no really joy there. So here we have the oppressed people singing with all their might, and the other folks who just seemed bored to tears. I was looking around at other folks during Mass today, and was reminded of this because the people in my Church either don't sing, or sing really quietly, or sing like it's painful. We were singing "Amazing Grace" today - during which part of the Mass I'm not even sure - and it just sounded downright dreary. Mass is supposed to be a celebration, and the lack of singing really detracts. I've noticed this throughout the Catholic Masses I've attended.

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