Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Small Stuff

I have officially reached the stage in which I am burned out; I think last semester has finally caught up with me. I started out the summer class really well - reading ahead, staying on top of everything - and now I've fallen behind. (To be fair, I've only fallen behind because I can't afford some of the books. I'm still reading the handouts and the books I had bought for the class.) But a day or two ago I realized that I have a presentation due next Thursday (I'm completely unprepared; I've barely begun the book; I haven't found any video clips to go with it). I want to hole up for a month and not be responsible for anything, although obviously that's not an option. The flip side to this is that I'll be missing the last two classes because I'll be in Ireland, and after that I won't have any classes again until September. In July I'll be doing some work for the English Summer Institute, and hopefully be able to rack up some hours at ARC as well.

I'm "tutoring" five days a week, which is to say that I'm coming to campus five days a week and splitting my time between ARC and the Writing Center, although I have very few students, so most of my time is spent sitting around and being unproductive. (This is not as enticing as it sounds.)

Today has been "one of those days" so far: I really didn't want to get out of bed this morning and found myself trying to think of excuses that could get me out of work (I couldn't think of any); I pulled a muscle in my neck and shoulder while reaching for something in the bathtub; I got a seat on the LIRR this morning, only to have a nice view of the toilet (the bathroom door was open); apparently a debt collector is calling my parents, instead of me, which is just baffling; Chris has been at WWDC this week and is coming home in a few days; and I'm just feeling extremely mentally unstimulated. None of these are major in and of themselves but I'm feeling worn out.

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