Monday, June 23, 2008

End of Summer School

Just a short post to commemorate my (hopefully and probably) only semester of taking classes as a grad student. My class ends officially this week, but I'm missing the last class (possibly last two classes, if there's that extra class the following Monday) because I'll be off traipsing throughout Ireland with the folks. I'm happy to be going because I could use a vacation, but a vacation isn't really a vacation unless Chris comes along. And I'm horrifically stressed out about my lack of funds and my lack of job and concerned with things like how I'm going to eat in July and August and get back and forth to LIU for the Summer Institute that I'll be taking part in (as an employee, not as a student). But I worked my tail off and wrote a 10-page paper and handed it it so I'm all done.

Now I just get to worry about my grade. And money. Vacation ahoy!

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